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1. Which videos can I play & present with vimote?

On iOS devices, you may access all videos saved on your camera roll.

2. Is vimote private?

Yes. Vimote merely holds videos available for the time they are being transmitted to the second screen. We might gather information on website traffic - if so, this is done anonymised. Currently, vimote servers are located in certified German data processing centres.

3. May I answer or make calls while using vimote?

Yes, except during the actual file transfer (in this case you will be carried back to the list view).

4. My video is shown upside-down or sideways.

Normally, vimote should turn your video into the correct position. It would be helpful if you would let us know on which device your video is positioned incorrectly – please use the web form under “support”. We will try to fix this behavior.

5. When do additional charges apply?

Only when using vimote via your mobile data connection with data volume being accounted for this, or when your free data volume has been used up.
We recommend a connection via W-LAN or free HotSpot – this way costs for mobile traffic will not occur.

6. Under „Settings“, I can choose between WLAN and WEB. What’s the difference?

This is where you decide whether you send your video via W-LAN or via WEB. Using WEB, the speed of data transfer and video quality might be less – otherwise, this method will work on most devices that you can run vimote.TV on.

7. The QR-scan does not work.

Maybe you are too far away from vimote.TV - or there might be bad lighting. In each case: you may also enter the code manually.

8. Do I have to upload a certain video each time I want to present it?

Yes, because we do not save your data.
However, we are thinking of adding a pro feature which will enable you to book your private “video shop” – if this is of interest for you, please let us know via the web form below.

9. The preparation of videos does not work: the „preparing“ screen stops.

Some iPhones require a manual change of settings to allow access to their videos. Without this activation, vimote app might not prepare any videos and stops at the „preparing“ screen.
iPhone settings are located under:
settings >> privacy >> photos >> vimote (allow)

10. I can only access a few videos with vimote.

Your iPhone is probably running on the new iOS8. Thus vimote may solely access the “recently added” folder. We are currently working on a new release that will allow vimote to access all videos – as before.

11. Further questions or feature ideas?

Please post your questions or ideas via the web form below – or send an email to post@vimote.info.


FAQ Devices Support

    Runs on:

  • iPhone / iPod Touch
  • iPad / iPad Mini
  • Enjoy on:

  • SmartTV
  • PC / Notebook
  • Tablet
  • xbox

vimote app works on:

iOS: iPhone® 4+, iPod® Touch 4G+, iPad® 2+
Android: coming soon


Present your videos on any device that supports HTML5-compatible browsers. vimote.tv works on:

  • Computer (PC/MAC/ LINUX)
  • Tablets (iPad, Nexus, Android, Surface)
  • SmartTVs (Samsung 2013*& LG 2013**)
  • Mobiles (some up to date SmartPhones)
  • Xbox 360***, Xbox One***

    we will add more devices regularly.

If you have a device which is not supported yet, tell us - use the web form below. We check what our lab can do for you.

*Samsung TV 2013: please update your TV operating system to the current version.

** LG TV 2013: due to manufacturer implementation issues, some videos are not able to rotate properly within the LG browser.

***you need Live Gold membership

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